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Going from a flat bar bike to a drop bar roadie can be one of the most exciting (yet challenginer and major!) changes you can make. Not only is your centre of gravity and balance affected (you will probably notice this first!), but the gears are different and braking (especially if you’re also going from a rim brake to a disc brake!) are also super different. Whether you’re completely new to cycling, or whether you’ve been riding a while and have – for whatever reason – decided to buy yourself a dropbar roadie, here are 4 things to expect! 1....

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Now that we've launched our first 6 week program on Zwift, we thought it was important to share a few tips from people who have 'been there'. Whether this is your first structured program or your thousandth, this week’s blog is about how to not overdo it- and give yourself the best chance of finishing the program instead of tapping out midway! Perhaps you’ve been to the gym at some point after a long absence or maybe it was your first time ever. You do a few exercises, some weights, go for a jog on the treadmill or a ride...

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We get a lot of questions about cycling in all its forms here at Chicks Who Ride Bikes. Many are from new cyclists trying to navigate their way through a lot of new things, a lot of scary things, and trying to find where they 'fit in'. Unfortunately, there are many stories of newbies joining group rides and getting dropped off the back or turning up and feeling really out of their depth. If you're a newbie and not really sure how to get involved in a group, these 5 questions should help you decide whether a particular group ride...

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