By better understanding WHAT you ride and WHERE your confidence and ability levels are, we’re able to better connect you with:

  1. Likeminded CWRBs
  2. Events to put in your calendar
  3. Adventures which are designed to suit YOU

What we really do is get to know you, and the sort of things you want to learn about riding, and about your bike as a machine. We then take this information, and anonymously combine it with others in your area so that bike businesses can create events which cover the exact stuff you want to know.

Chicks Who Ride Bikes women's cycling

So HOW does it work?

We’ve made it super easy to join us. Just follow these 3 simple steps:

Chicks Who Ride Bikes women's cycling

Step 1: Register

Becoming a member is easy and, best of all, FREE! To register, all you need to do is click JOIN and create a profile so that we can introduce you to other CWRBs and give you access to events created especially for your awesome self. When creating a profile, we will ask you questions about your age bracket, what kind of bike/s you ride, how you like to ride them and what your confidence and ability level is.

Chicks Who Ride Bikes women's cycling

Step 2: Connect

Once your profile is up and running, you will be able to search for other members in your area based on location, discipline (i.e. what kind of bike they ride) and confidence level. We have also partnered with heaps of bike businesses and arranged for them to put on events which are suited to different levels and abilities - which means you know you'll always be in good company when you turn up.

Chicks Who Ride Bikes women's cycling

Step 3: Ride

Once you have joined and found like minded chicks to do fun stuff with, you are ready to RIDE! Whether it's on your local trails or CWRBs abroad on your next vacation.