1 When your friend smashes an obstacle they’ve been stuck on a while

We all know the feeling of this one… maybe you’re mountain biking and there’s one corner, one rock, one tree root section that you (or a friend) seems to always stop at.


2 When your friend suggests a super hilly road ride

Honestly, sometimes we’re up for hills… and sometimes they just make us want to cry.

All of us have that one friend who just loves a smashfest

3 How you feel after your first bike maintenance course

It’s so empowering to learn more about your bike – the gears, the different parts and what they do. It’s no wonder we walk out feeling like you could ask us anything about bikes!

(if you’ve never been to one and want to learn more about your bike, join us at mindbody.bike)

4 Less Talking, More Riding

As much as we love a chat, sometimes it’s nice to just smash out a good ride and leave the talking until coffee… or the pub.

5 When you forget to bring sunglasses and catch a bug right in the eye

We’ve all done it – but it never gets easier. Copping a fly in the eye is one of those things that is only surpassed by a fly in the mouth in ‘things that suck while riding’.

6 When you’re JRA and you realise you can see their butt crack through their knicks

This one is most especially true if you’re on a road bunchie and sitting right behind the person in question…

7 When you miss a week’s worth of riding because of crappy shifts

Why oh why has the universe forsaken us!!? There are always a few things that can threaten our ability to go riding, but sometimes the planets just do not align…

8 When your friend who’s always late turns up a few minutes early

It’s always a surprise when Ms Latey Patatey is one of the first ones at the carpark or the ride meeting point… this deserves a heartfelt slow clap!

9 When you get an email from Strava saying someone took your QOM

Ok, ok, I get it… there’s someone who’s doing more training than me and they’re riding really fast. I GET IT!!

10 When you read your group texts and discover everyone is out riding but you

If you’re stuck in an office and everyone else is meeting up for a bike ride, it brings about maximum fomo.

11 When you and your best friend have a special warm up routine

It’s just a bond you share with your bestie. No biggie.