Bike Mojo is a term that, even if you aren’t familiar with it, you know what is meant by it. It’s the willingness to get up at 5am for a ride. It’s the excitement of seeing your friends out on the trail, it’s the dedication and perseverance to keep going, to improve and to practice. When you lose it, however, it’s a completely different story.

Whether you were training for an event, got struck down with the flu or just minding your own business, if the joy has been sucked out of your bike rides and you just can’t seem to get out of bed you, my friend, have lost your bike mojo.

An elusive beast, Bike Mojo can be lost at any point in time. No-one is safe from it. The good news is, there are some known cures you can try.

Here are 15 ways to keep a healthy bike mojo:

1) Learn something new every week about your bike

By pursuing more knowledge, you will stay engaged. Whether it’s listening to a podcast like Briztreadley, watching shows like Voxwomen or instructional YouTube videos, try to learn something new each week.

2) Love yourself

As natural nurturers, women can tend to focus more on others than ourselves.  Once this seesaw gets out of balance, you need to invest in yourself before you can be of help to others. Do a yoga class, spend time on your own, go on a road trip, have coffee with friends… whatever helps to restore the internal you and keep your bike mojo.

3) Create your own happy place on your bike

Our environments have a huge impact on the decisions we make. Create your own happy place on your bike and at home. Think woman cave!

4) Don’t forget about your diet

Generally, I try not to get into diet and nutrition because I’m not in the least bit qualified – but I think what we all know to be true is that if you eat better, you will feel better… and that’s a positive cycle that repeats itself. Think fresh food, water and even head to the doctor for a check-up of your vitamin, mineral and hormone levels if you’re feeling off.

5) Have a bedtime routine

To get up early, which most cyclists do, you need to get proper rest. Start a new bedtime routine and commit to following it for a week to see what difference it makes to your mojo levels. Avoid screen time for 30-60 minutes before bed… what to do instead? Try reading a book, using a meditation app, having a massage or taking a scented essential oil bath.

7) Fight fear

No matter what level of rider you are, we all have something we fear. Whether it’s an alpine descent on your road bike, rock gardens on the mountain bike or a challenging climb, get your bike mojo back in true fighting style. If you don’t change the status quo, nothing will change.

8) Make extra time for yourself earlier in the morning

Even if you don’t think you’re a morning person, our calmest time is in the morning. Instead of wasting it while you are getting dressed or having a shower before work, think about it this way… wouldn’t you rather be riding?

9) Change your routine from time to time

We are all creatures of habit. You probably have lost a little bit of your bike mojo because deep down you’re bored of doing the same thing, at the same pace, with the same people ever single week. By changing your routine – whether it’s the starting point, route or even where you meet afterwards for a beverage, changing your outline can change your entire perception for the rest of the day.

10) Set realistic and achievable goals

Nothing gets my ass out of bed faster than when I’m excited about a goal… and not just a boring run-of-the-mill goal. It has to be something Crazy. Something a bit Wild, and Really Big (in case you didn’t get the memo, that’s a C.W.R.B goal). Do epic shit. Start today. Think BIG!

11) Restore your confidence

This is a big one for bike mojo… if you have been in a crash or even a traffic accident, you may well have reduced confidence which is impacting your desire to ride. Acknowledging this is the best first step in addressing it and there are plenty of paths to take from here. Try getting a coaching session from a qualified professional, contacting your friends for a super slow and cruisy ride that won’t stress you out and give your bike a good once over to build that trust up again between woman and machine.

12) Get accountable

I don’t know about you, but I am far more likely to show up to an event if I know people are there depending on me. If you have lost your bike mojo, try committing to showing your friends a new route, trail or climb and let the accountability do the rest.

13) Be Grateful

You have probably heard this one before, but gratitude is one of the most powerfully positive feelings you can have. We all lead busy lives full of highs, lows, drama, elation and disappointment. Start a habit of taking 60 seconds before you get on your bike to stop and be grateful for having enough money for a bike, the health and fitness to ride it and the friends and family to ride it with.

14) Find a Bike Mentor

The comfort zone is a pretty sweet place which is why a lot of us spend so much time there… but once in a while, stepping outside the comfort zone and trying something new and different is the key to growth. Find a bike mentor – someone whose confidence, experience and positivity you admire – to contact for a ride once every few months. Get them to take you on new trails, up new hills or just teach you a little nifty trick you didn’t know before.

15) Strategically plan the week ahead

If you are a 9 to 5er, use Sunday evening as a fun way to plan out your week. Instead of getting depressed about the weekend ending, take the time to plan out the rides you want to do, cafes you want to go to and people you want to see… as well as any ideas of exciting new things to do the following weekend.

What do you do to get your bike mojo back?