Author: Jordana Blackman

Why I prefer to call it IronJord

If you are a female and are training for or have done an Ironman, you have definitely been asked whether you find it offensive that it’s called Ironman not “Ironwoman” or the extremely politically correct “Ironperson”…

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6 minutes and 42 seconds

On Sunday January 18th 2015, the top talent of cycling both men and the women gathered in Adelaide’s city centre to race the same criterium circuit one after the other. The men completed 30 laps, the women completed 15 laps.

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Real Life Super Girl

Even if you are right into your mountain biking, you may not know who Janine Jungfels is. Despite winning the 2014 Elite Female Mountain Biker of the year, alongside Jared Graves – arguably the most well-known mountain bikers in the country. Why is that?

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