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Looking to get into triathlon and unsure whether to do it on your road bike or to fork out money for a TT bike? Don’t worry, you’re not the first. Although there are several upgrades that can be made to any bike to make you faster and more efficient such as new wheels and fit-for-purpose gearing ratios, this article will focus specifically on modifications you can make to emulate an ultra-chic TT bike. Ideally, we’d all be millionaires who live in mansions with huge sheds full of dozens of bicycles – each with a specific purpose and which fit us...

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Who doesn’t love a good bandwagon, am I right? Gravel Grinders are a distinct breed. Perhaps not to your partner who already doesn’t understand the difference between your XC MTB, your DH, your CX and your Enduro Bike – but to those with an eye for detail and a desire to acquire more bikes, it’s a must have for your collection. To be ridden on longer off-road events (largely on gravel, hence the name), Gravel Grinders are different to CX bikes with more of an all-day build and often less aggressive angles. So, when choosing a Gravel Grinder for grinding...

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The tyre (or tire for those in America!) fits on the rim of the bicycle wheel and is in contact with the road or trail surface. The tyre provides a little bit of suspension and, importantly, generates the forces necessary to balance, turn and brake. You may have heard some of this lingo before, but there are a few different techniques for attaching the tyre to the rim. Two of the most common types of tyres are "clinchers" and "tubulars", each of which go with specific rims. Clincher Tyres The easiest way to envisage clinchers is to picture them as...

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