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It was ridiculous. Almost laughable. “If you can ride 50 miles,” the sales guy said earnestly, “you can ride 50 miles on anything.” I was standing in front of a Specialized Venge, aggressively racy, cast-off by a pro half my age and weight, and now displayed for sale. OK, it was my size, and it definitely had the wow factor, but I knew it was wrong for me. Like an unsuitable boyfriend, this bike would hurt me if I let it into my life. But I get where the guy was coming from - to think more ambitiously about my...

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"Mamil is an irreverant and sometimes hilarious romp through the secret world of men and masculinity." Last night I went to the world premier of the movie MAMIL with my partner. As the wife of a Mamil as well as a cyclist myself, I knew the outing would shape up to be a pretty interesting evening. And it really was. I laughed a lot, I teared up a few times and it certainly brought a lot of issues that we deal with at CWRB to the forefront, but from a different point of view. Here are my thoughts. Top notch...

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As the Chief Chick of an organisation committed to the staunch support of women's cycling, I'd like to outline my thoughts on the 'sexism in cycling' conversation. And I'd like to preface it with distinguishing between what is "sexy" and what is "sexist" because that, to me, is the crux of the issue. To be sexy is to be sexually attractive or exciting. Throughout time, the manifestation of who/what is sexy has changed depending on a whole range of factors - biological, psychological, physiological and evolutionary. Sexy is a spectrum between modesty and x-rated and everything in between. Some males...

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