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Going from a flat bar hybrid to a drop bar road bike can be one of the most exciting yet challenging and major changes you can make! Not only is your centre of gravity and balance affected (you will probably notice this first!), but the gears are different and braking (especially if you're also going from a rim brake to a disc brake!) are also super different. Whether you're completely new to cycling, or whether you've been riding a while and have - for whatever reason - decided to buy yourself a dropbar roadie, here are 4 things to expect!...

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What is Target Fixation? On one of my first ever mountain bike rides, I fell in a wombat hole. Front wheel first. Slow speed. Out the front door. It was so ridiculous. The worst part? It wasn't even on the trail; it was under a tree on rider's left. But I saw it, and I became obsessed with its presence. There was no reason at all for me to be concerned with the obstacle. But I fell victim to that old mental trap: target fixation. For those of you playing at home who need clarification, target fixation is the term...

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