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What goes down, must come up! The winding, hair-raising descent from Mallorca's Coll dels Reis to the tiny port of Sa Calobra has to be one of the most depressing free-wheeling stretches you can do. Never mind the beautiful smooth tarmac, the stunning views down into the valley as the road snakes below you. You can ignore the spectacular rock formations rising dramatically above you as you descend. The fragrant pine trees, the bleating goats on the hillside. On a sunny day the scene is near perfect - a deep blue Mediterranean bay, white boats bobbing to welcome you into...

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Recently we had a chat with Sam Henderson, a fellow chick who has been travelling the world. She shares with us her first experience solo bike packing in Taiwan. CWRB: Hi Sam. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. Where do you currently live? SH: I am currently living just South of Christchurch, NZ but I have spent the last two years travelling and am due to head home to Birmingham, UK in March. CWRB: What type of riding do you normally do? SH: Road riding and Triathlons. I have recently started bike packing. CWRB: Tell us...

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