15 Signs You are Definitely a Cyclist

15 Signs You are Definitely a Cyclist

Us cyclists are a funny group!

We get up at the crack of dawn, we love a flat white and lycra is an important part of our wardrobe. No matter what you ride or how hard we might try to steer clear of the stereotype, it always seems to catch up with us.

So let’s embrace it. Here are 15 signs that you are most definitely a cyclist…

  1. Your cycling wardrobe is bigger than your regular wardrobe
  2. You are cultivating fine-ass tan lines… and are proud of them
  3. Windy days become ‘training opportunities’
  4. You need an entire charging station specifically for your bike stuff – front lights, rear lights, helmet lights, garmin, garmin watch, GoPro, dropper post and Di2
  5. You get packages with bike stuff sent to your office address so your partner doesn’t see them
  6. You can’t understand why adult shoes don’t have velcro when it’s so convenient
  7. You see another bicycle parked at your work and scour the office with your eyes for its owner
  8. You admire other cyclist’s calves and thighs in the least creepy way possible
  9. The sound of Phil Liggett’s voice transports you all the way to France
  10. You’ve watched Red Bull TV and thought “With a harness, a sumo suit and an inflatable crash pad, I could totally do that.”
  11. 90% of your friends are cyclists. The other 10% aren’t cyclists yet.
  12. You have a bike brand sticker on your fridge, laptop and/or car
  13. You have 2 sock drawers: one for regular socks and one for cycling socks
  14. The postie knows you by name
  15. You find yourself being disappointed when someone mentions riding their bike but they mean “motorbike”

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