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It's been a weird month. I mean, how is it already mid April? It feels like it was only just the beginning of March, when everything was still sort of normal. When I had a routine (sort of), and friends to visit, and normal daily activities which have somehow dropped off the radar. It's like, I have plenty of TIME to do things... what I seem to be lacking is the motivation. Luckily, I'm a writer for a living. That means I'm pretty well able to express what's happening inside of me through words. Sometimes they come out as poems....

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I was at a client's office one day having a chat to some of the women who regularly see me there and casually asked about their Christmas plans. One woman in particular (let's call her Sandy) had plans in the leadup to the silly season that made me need to write this. "I can't wait for Christmas," she said. Her tired eyes surrounded by dark black circles. "I've bought a special Christmas box for each of my children and each of my nieces and nephews. 13 all up." Ok, I thought. A lot of kids, but that's cute! "Each box...

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