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I first started to ride as an adult ... long story but I ended up with an orange hybrid as a result of a boozy night out (I hate the colour orange) which sat under my house making me feel guilty for a year until I found the Bicy-Gals Program in 2014 — fast forward four years I have four bikes!

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Name: Amanda BattyLives in: New MexicoRides: Anything on two wheels In case you don't know her, Amanda Batty is an American ex-pro downhill MTB racer. In 2015, she left Pinkbike in rather spectacular fashion after backlash she received from speaking up about a sexist remark in the workplace. "My final indictment was in August of 2014 when I opened a bike review comparison by a male Pinkbike writer who compared the malleability and handling of a bike frame to a ‘girlfriend after too many shots’ in that both would do anything you asked."   I was told by one classy...

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Did you know that, in Australia, around 1 in 45 Australians acquire a brain disorder? In fact, 1 in 12 people are affected in some way by brain injury.

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When a lot of people picture a "cyclist", what images come to mind? Possibly Tour de France or Giro professional riders, clad in tight fitting lycra splattered with advertising? Possibly MAMIL (middle aged men in lycra)'s out in full force in the mornings and in huge bunch rides over the weekend, or crammed around a single table at a cafe waiting for their flat whites in silly shoes? While these images might be what the non-cyclist brings to mind when thinking about riding bikes, we are so much more than that. Coronavirus has changed not only the fabric of our...

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We're mothers, sisters, friends, wives, adventurers. Sometimes we have the energy to conquer the world. Sometimes it's a miracle we made time to get out of our pyjamas at all.

Here are 8 women we think are pretty damn inspirational to follow this #IWD2020.

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