Member Mondays - Cathy Peel

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Member Mondays - Cathy Peel

Welcome everyone! To our first Member Monday :-)

We thought we would take the opportunity to introduce you to a new member every week, until we start getting to know one another better.

First of all we thought we would start with a very prominent member - Cathy Peel. Cathy is a very active member based in Brisbane.

Many of you will have ridden with Cathy at least once, as she leads many of the beginner rides. You may also recognise Cathy from her coverage of this year's Tour Down Under with Chief Chick Jordana Blackman, or her video on the FB page detailing her efforts at trying out a "She-wee".

Wherever it is you know Cathy from - or if you don't know her at all - you're about to learn a little bit more about her. We had 7 questions for Cathy, and here is what she had to say...

1. When did you first start riding? I first started to ride as an adult ... long story but I ended up with an orange hybrid as a result of a boozy night out (I hate the colour orange) which sat under my house making me feel guilty for a year until I found the Bicy-Gals Program in 2014 — fast forward four years I have four bikes! 2. Favourite place you have travelled? So many choices - and great memories ... today I’m leaning towards the United Kingdom (especially London and Edinburgh) but I’m also getting excited about my next adventure to Sri Lanka in June!

3. Favourite place you have ridden? Best riding experience for me ever was when I was riding through Thailand on Mountain Bikes at an average speed of 35k

4. Who inspires you and why? At the risk of sounding incredibly vain - I sometimes inspire myself! Mainly because I started so late and was so bad I get those “Facebook memories” and realise how far I’ve come! I find folk that back themselves, that try hard, that are kind to strangers with no expectation of recognition and who are gracious in victory and defeat inspiring. In the professional Cycling world I love love love Anna Meares, Chris Froome and Peter Sagan ... in the brisbane Cycling world it’s people like my own Cycling crew, the absolute beginners warriors, the Gentlemen’s Ride, the Chicks in the Sticks team and my coach Roadie Rob George (who backs me when I don’t back myself) ... and my sister, Susie (who doesn’t ride but is an absolute legend!)

5. Top riding tip? Learn how to do basic maintenance yourself - nobody wants to be the person standing by the side of the road with a chain off your ring (a really simple fix!) or a flat tyre - you’ll be surprised how much more empowered you’ll feel!

6. Favourite piece of cycling kit? That’s tricky ... I love and adore my bikes (Bianchi and Rocky Mountain) but possibly my best bit of kit is my local bike shop - Epic Cycles in Brisbane - they sold me my bikes, they maintain them and are always super informed and helpful when I wander in with a random question 7.

7. Favourite activity other than cycling? Hanging with my friends and recycling the same sad old inside jokes that we always have. Anything else you would like to share with our members? PS - best beginner tip I got - don’t wear undies under your knicks — and remember, nobody looks good in Lycra so go ahead and wear it any way! Poise, a sense of adventure and a smile (including my signature red lippy!) can take me anywhere!

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us Cathy!


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