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Recently I attempted (and completed!) my first triathlon. It was in Rotorua, New Zealand and was called Sufferfest. That should have been my first clue to be honest! There was a half Ironman distance involving a 2km swim, 90km cycle and a 21km run, and a quarter Ironman which was half that. I wanted to opt for the half and thankfully Jordana talked me down to the quarter for my first attempt. I was diagnosed with breast cancer early in 2019, and when I found out I was to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy I decided to set myself a physical...

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Whether you’ve been riding for a while now and you're cornering like you’re on rails, or whether you feel like you still have to drastically improve on all of your bike skills... there's one thing we all have in common.

Facing your fears is hard

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If you are a female and are training for or have done an Ironman, you have definitely been asked whether you find it offensive that it's called Ironman not "Ironwoman" or the extremely politically correct "Ironperson"...

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