If you've ever felt the rubbing, pinching, soggy hell that is a crappy chamois, you'll understand it when we say that the chamois can be a girl's best friend or her worst enemy, depending on a few ery important factors. We aim to share a few pointers with you here in the hope that you find the "right one" for you!


I can't stress this one enough. Your. Chamois. Needs. To. Fit. Firmly.

If you're new to cycling, you're probably already feeling a little self-conscious of seeming as though you're putting your entire punani on display. But at the end of the day, your bib knicks should fit firmly - as if you're wearing a brand new pair of tights or leggings.

Don't get us wrong, they should'nt affect your ability to breathe, and they shouldn't be so tight that your legs and belly spill out, but you should feel nice and snug in them.

Honestly girl - too much room for movement in there and you're inviting chafing and bad things to happen.


Not all knicks and chamois are created equal. Generally (though not always), the higher cost associated with more expensive knicks is to do with the quality of the lycra itself, the quality of the chamois, and the quality of the stitching... all of which can turn your day out on the bike from a good one to a bad one really quickly.

When looking for a good pair of knicks, make sure that the chamois is


Chamois comes in all shapes and sizes, but you'll find that most of them look like, err, male members when you turn knicks inside out. The 'shaft' per is what lays over the nose of the saddle and has direct contact with you soft tissue area. The 'little boys' are designed to lay over the seat of the saddle and have direct contact with your bottom.

Just like saddle widths, chamois can be longer, shorter, wider, narrower, all of which will suit some people but not others.

If you ride a wide saddle, consider knicks with a chamois that's wider. If you ride in an aggressive or 'aero' position, make sure the chamois will cover the nose of the saddle while you're leaning forward.


Not a topic for a work dinner, but it's an important one to cover. Knicks are designed for going commando in. When I first started cycling, I refused to take off my underwear beneath my knicks. It just felt too... squishy. But then I learned more about the chamois itself which have an anti-bacterial element to them which help trap bacteria and trap any 'odour' you're paranoid of emitting.

Ditching the panties will mean less friction, less chance of skin tears and infection and an all-round better experience on the bike.

Give it a try, trust us.


We're all for being thrifty, but knicks are one of those things where if you wear them out, not only will people likely be able to see your butt crack through them, the chamois will lose the properties that made it effective in the first place! It's like when you get a fresh pair of socks or undies to replace ones you've had for a while... you didn't know you needed them until you put them on.

If you're in the market, CWRB's super comfy bib knicks are made to fit women just like you. Grab a pair here and treat your nether regions to a lovely holiday.


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