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If you've ever felt the rubbing, pinching, soggy hell that is a crappy chamois, you'll understand it when we say that the chamois can be a girl's best friend or her worst enemy, depending on a few ery important factors. We aim to share a few pointers with you here in the hope that you find the "right one" for you! 1 THE FIT I can't stress this one enough. Your. Chamois. Needs. To. Fit. Firmly. If you're new to cycling, you're probably already feeling a little self-conscious of seeming as though you're putting your entire punani on display. But...

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Just a quick #chicktip today! We're going to talk knicks, going commando, and lady parts. Who's in?? It's a strange thing, as a woman, to forego underwear - in almost any situation. Britney Spears and LIndsay Lohan taught us, if anything, that if you go without, you will be caught out. Plus, it just feels weird, squishy and moist (that word we all love). (Men, I think, are a bit more used to 'freedom' down there, and seem to do it often enough under shorts, and even jeans - omg could you imagine aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!) When I first started riding, I...

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Is it a drink bottle? Is it a waist trainer?? It’s not a complete and total surprise, but I’m crap at packing. I always think I’ve got it all nailed, even did a sneaky Instagram flat lay for all of the stuff I intended to bring over riding in Crankworx… and forgot that I packed my Nukeproof Mega enduro (bro) bike, complete with 6″ of travel, a wicked head angle – and no bottle cages. Uh oh. Both being mountain bikers, my man and I have more than enough hydration packs at home. I wasn’t keen to add another to...

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