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Spread Your Wings

In modern life, many of us spend our days predominantly behind a steering wheel or in front of a screen. It is something that does us a world of no-good. It isn’t just that our bodies aren’t active in the way they need to be to stay healthy. Spending time in boxes also breaks our connection to the natural world. As a result, we can end up feeling both sick and sad.

Cycling can offer a solution to both these problems. But it is a solution that is both easy and hard.

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Bouncing Back After A Crash

That was over a year ago. The fact I can recall it with such accuracy shows what an effect that accident had on me. Over the next couple of days my knee swelled up and the road rash burned, but the scrapes on the bike were sorted out and after talking through it, frame-by-frame, many times with my friends, it all started to fade.

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