Aztec Sprint Aero Cycling Socks

With comfort down the bottom and a party up the top, aero socks are the thing you never knew you needed... until now.

"I wasn't sure about these at first because they're more expensive than socks I would normally buy, but HOLY COW are these things comfy!"

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We can't believe how gorgeous these socks are and can't WAIT for you to brighten up your winter cycling wardrobe with our brand aero sock range.

Aztec Sprint: Bright colours fading to a beautiful deep blue, everyone will be staring at your ankles while you wear these babies, and you won't mind a bit.

These socks are Apex - a close fitting, aerodynamic race sock designed for all riding conditions. While your foot is cushioned with all of the support you've come to love about cycling socks, the fabric above your ankles is aerodynamic ‘ribbed’ lycra. Sure, it's designed specifically to reduce air flow, but if you're not counting the grams and seconds you'll find it super comfortable to wear.


  • Standard 6 inch cuff that fits closely to the skin
  • Upper cuff lined with silicone gripper to ensure socks stays in position
  • Flatlock rear seam
  • Flatlock cuff, footbed juncture