Going from a flat bar hybrid to a drop bar road bike is one of the most major changes you can make!


Not only is your centre of gravity and balance affected (you will probably notice this first!), but the gears are different and braking is different. Here are 4 things to expect when you go from a flat bar to a drop bar roadie.


You can expect, at first, to feel like you’re in Superman position with your arms out in front of you!

Always ensure you are fitted to your bike correctly as you are meant to be leaning forward from the hips, but if your bike is too large for you, your hands will too outstretched and it will make it difficult to indicate or even drink out of your drink bottle without feeling like you are going to fall off!

You can expect to feel FASTER!

If you are on a flat bar bike and wonder why road bikes speed past you all the time, it isn’t necessarily that you aren’t as fit or strong as them. Flat bar bikes have different geometries and gears which make them slower than road bikes. Trust us, you will “get it” as soon as you try a road bike!

You can expect to feel a bit more freaked out by anyone coming near you.

When getting used to all of these new things, the last thing you want is to be crowded and feel as if you are trapped. We recommend getting used to your road bike on bike paths and/or velodromes prior to joining group or bunch rides… especially if you are learning to clip in at the same time.

You can expect climbing to be EASIER!

Again, due to the different geometry of flat bar vs road bikes, climbing is going to feel a whole bunch easier. If, however, climbing feels like a real struggle and you can’t even get your legs spinning around, you may be in need of a different gear ratio which is right for your fitness.