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Stay safe, be confident, love riding your bike!


Join us to learn from the best in the business + get full access to the MindBodyBike platform and skills course.

Let us help you learn...

  • On bike skills to ride safely and with confidence including drinking from your bottle, signalling and cornering
  • Identifying the parts of a bike, what they’re made of and why it matters
  • Checking your bike for safety and having the ability to solve common issues that may occur when you’re out riding
  • Understanding what kind of bike suits different styles of riding
  • Learning how to safely fit, adjust and wear your helmet
  • Checking your bike is mechanically sound and safe to ride
  • Understanding what parts of your bike can be adjusted or modified for comfort, fit and performance
  • Having a confident conversation with your bike mechanic about your specific setup and service requirements
  • How to confidently safety check your bike and make minor repairs
  • Techniques to remain calm and in control while riding your bicycle