What began simple, as a grassroots group of women riding together and having a laugh, has become a platform for equality in women’s cycling.




Riding bikes is such a great way to get out, get active, hang with friends and meet new people… but how do you find your tribe?


We’ve created a range of super comfy cycling clothes for you so, no matter what shape, size or age you are, you’ll feel like part of the community.


Access dozens of workouts, recipes, stretches, mindfulness sessions, meditations and so much more to help you live your life better, by bike.

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Riding bikes is such a great way to get out, get active, hang with friends and meet new people… but how do you find your tribe?

Help Out AThletes

Part of our vision is equality in sport. We love giving female athletes a helping hand – whether it’s free kits or contributing to flights and accommodation for an event they’ve worked hard for.


CWRB have a range of inspirational speakers and professional commentators for your social or cycling events.


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Women’s Tour DOwn Under | Ziptrak Stage 1 | Jan 16 2020

Unless you've been hiding under a rock today, you may have seen some of CWRB's coverage of the Santos Women's Tour. This is the 6th year CWRB has been media-accredited to cover the women's racing, and this year was the first year that the race was broadcast live via...

9 Things I learned While TRI-ING FOR THE FIRST TIME

Recently I attempted (and completed!) my first triathlon. It was in Rotorua, New Zealand and was called Sufferfest. That should have been my first clue to be honest! There was a half Ironman distance involving a 2km swim, 90km cycle and a 21km run, and a quarter...

Just A Girl, Her Road Bike And Some Polar Bears

Just in case you Northern Hemispherers were feeling a little chilly, we had a chat with Joanna who is currently keeping up her training in polar conditions. Name: Joanna Perchaluk - MandatLives: Usually Zakopane, presently Polish Polar Station, Spitsbergen,...

Make Sure Your Next Roadie Has Disc Brakes

It’s hard to argue that rim brakes are more effective than discs as a method of stopping. And as mountain bikers will be only too happy to tell you, the technology isn’t new. They’ve been enjoying it for quite some time.

15 Signs You are Definitely a Cyclist

Us cyclists are a funny group! We get up at the crack of dawn, we love a flat white and lycra is an important part of our wardrobe. No matter what you ride or how hard we might try to steer clear of the stereotype, it always seems to catch up with us. So let’s...

5 Mods To Do A Triathlon On Your Road Bike

Looking to get into triathlon and unsure whether to do it on your road bike or to fork out money for a TT bike? Don’t worry, you’re not the first. Although there are several upgrades that can be made to any bike to make you faster and more efficient such as new wheels...

5 Ways To Be Kind to Yourself This Christmas

I was at a client's office one day having a chat to some of the women who regularly see me there and casually asked about their Christmas plans. One woman in particular (let's call her Sandy) had plans in the leadup to the silly season that made me need to write this....

Nuts About Natasha Tucker

I would also like to advocate for volunteerism.  I work at a park that has hiking and mountain biking trails.  We always are looking for volunteers to help with trail maintenance.  So if you use any sort of trail,  ask if there’s anything you can do to help.  Remember..Leave No Trace!

A Moment With Megan Watson (BadAss Triathlete)

Meet Megan Watson! She's an age group world champ in Triathlon, a former medic in the New Zealand Army, and studying for her Nursing Degree. We caught up with Megan to ask her a couple of questions: CWRB: When did you first start cycling? MW: I started cycling when I...

How cycling helped Kiwi women win the vote

Every year on Suffrage Day, Aucklanders gather to celebrate the occasion at the Auckland Women’s Suffrage Centenary Memorial in Te Ha o Hine Place. The memorial, designed by artist Claudia Pond-Eyley and ceramicist Jan Morrison, was commissioned for the Suffrage...

Leave The House… Without Your Underwear

Just a quick #chicktip today! We're going to talk knicks, going commando, and lady parts. Who's in?? It's a strange thing, as a woman, to forego underwear - in almost any situation. Britney Spears and LIndsay Lohan taught us, if anything, that if you go without, you...

3 Tips For Facing your Fears (from an Army Vet)

Drop offs are scary. They are also cool AF. Flying is a great feeling and being able to confidently negotiate drop offs will open up a whole new set of lines and trails to shred.

Silly Bike Laws From Around The World

In many countries, antiquated laws which have no relevance and in many cases make ZERO sense today, still exist in its legal chronicles. As you would expect, there are many strange ones involving bicycles around the world. Let’s begin today’s lesson in Connecticut...

How To Get Your Shifting Under Control

Unless you’re a die-hard single speeder or have converted your bike to a 1 x and have forgotten what it’s like to have more than one chainring, smooth and effective shifting between chainrings is a basic, but crucial, skill. And with some pretty cool technology on the...