Who We Are

We are all very different. From backgrounds and upbringing to jobs and families, each of us has our own journey to arriving here.


Yet, we have something that unites us: the belief that bikes connect and empower us all.

Our mission is to create a community where members feel safe space to build friendships, ask questions, and find support.


Whether you're looking for cycling tips, a forum to share your story, or a place to vent, the community is here for you.

A safe space for Femmes and Thems to get started, build bike skills and find their #ridecrew

Jordana Blackman, Founder and CEO

Wellbeing through bike riding.

CWRB was founded in 2012 after Jordana decided to celebrate being 1 year cancer free by completing the Ride to Conquer Cancer... the only problem was she didn't know how to ride a bike!

Learning to ride as an adult led to a confusing world of YouTube videos, male dominated online forums and MAMIL rides which just weren't the right place to find support and ask the questions she needed to!

Her vision is that everyone from complete newbies to confident cyclist can find the information, support and friendships they need with CWRB.

CWRB Global Community

Where Femme and Them cyclists of all levels belong - to share stories, offer valuable advice, and get inspired to ride.