Traveller - Winter Cycling Tights - Charcoal

Birds on Bikes make comfortable, fashionable and stylish apparel to fit all sizes of women. No matter what you ride or what level you are, BoB will ensure you stay cool, comfortable, and supported.

"Whether you're off-roading, pushing for a PR on Strava, or just taking a leisurely spin with friends, BoB has you covered!"

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Be cycling-ready this winter with our stylish Birds on Bikes Winter Cycling Tights in a LIMITED EDITION CHARCOAL COLOUR. Keep your rides comfortable and cozy with a soft brushed cotton fabric and protective qualities that make these tights a must for any cyclist. Perfect for sizes 10(XS) -24 (3XL), you can count on these tights to hold up through long rides. Made in Australia, you also get the benefit of the Elastic Interface LIÈGE HP WOMEN chamois. Don't miss out - while stocks last!